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The Lancet digital medicine columns

The Lancet

Milstein, A., Topol, E. Computer vision’s potential to improve health care, The Lancet May 2020

Keane, P. A., Topol, E. Medicine and meteorology: Cloud, connectivity, and careThe Lancet  April 2020

Ray Dorsey, E., Topol, E. Telemedicine 2020 and the next decade. The Lancet  March 2020

Berzin, T., Topol, E. Adding artificial intelligence to gastrointestinal endoscopy. The Lancet  February 2020

Muse, E., Topol, E. A brighter future for kidney disease? The Lancet  January 2020

Keane, P., Topol, E. Reinventing the eye exam, The Lancet  December 2019

Esteva, A., Topol, E. Can skin cancer diagnosis be transformed by AI? The Lancet  November 2019

Chan, J., Raju, S., Topol, E. Towards a tricorder for diagnosing paediatric conditionsThe Lancet September 2019

Muse, E., Topol, E. Digital orthodoxy of human data collectionThe Lancet August 2019

Oran, D., Topol, E. The rise of the virtualist, The Lancet July 2019

Quer, G., Muse, E., Topol, E., Steinhubl, S. Long data from the electrocardiogram, The Lancet June 2019

Evangelista, L., Steinhubl, S., Topol, E. Digital health care for older adults, The Lancet April 2019

Jaiswal S., Topol E., Steinhubl, S. Digitising the way to better sleep health, The Lancet February 2019

Hamideh D., Arellano, B., Topol, E., Steinhubl, S. Your digital nutritionist, The Lancet January 2019

Radin, J., Topol, E., Steinhubl, S., A digital toolkit for improved maternal health, The Lancet September 2018

Muse, E., Torkamani, A., Topol, E. When genomics goes digital, The Lancet June 2018

Steinhubl, S., Topol, E. Now we’re talking: bringing a voice to digital medicine, The Lancet August 2018

Yong, M., Steinhubl, S., Topol, E. The beginning of the end of fingersticks?, The Lancet July 2018

Telenti, A., Steinhubl, S., Topol, E. Rethinking the medical record, The Lancet March 2018

Steinhubl S., Kwang-il K., Toluwalase, A., Topol, E. Virtual care for improved global health, The Lancet February 2018

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Science logo

Topol, E., COVID-19 can affect the heart, Science October 2020

Whitelaw, S., Mamas, M., Topol, E., Van Spall, H., Applications of digital technology in COVID-19 pandemic planning and response, The Lancet Digital Health June 2020

Annals of Internal Medicine

Oran, D. & Topol, E., Prevalence of Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection, Annals of Internal Medicine June 2020

Nature Biotech logo

Topol, E., Lee, K., It takes a planetNature Biotechnology  August 2019

Science Translational Medicine logo

Topol, E., A decade of digital medicine innovation Science Translational Medicine  June 2019

Nature Medicine logo

Quer, G., et. al. Wearable sensor data and self-reported symptoms for COVID-19 detectionNature Medicine October 2020

Topol, E., Welcoming new guidelines for AI clinical researchNature Medicine September 2020

Cell logo

Torkamani, A. et al. High-definition medicine, Cell August 2017